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FRIDAY, MAY 10, 2019


Moderators: Drs. Bilhim and Sapoval
Lecture Title Speaker Name
1:30 PM Symptomatic BPH: Understanding LUTs Dr. McWilliams
1:40 PM Medical Management of BPH Dr. Aboumohamed
1:50 PM Urodynamic Testing Made Easy Dr. Bhatia
2:00 PM Surgical Options: Invasive and Minimal Invasive Dr. Watts
2:15 PM How to Deal With High PSA When Biopsy is Needed? Dr. Watts
2:30 PM PAE: Rational and Current Results Dr. Salem
2:45 PM Case Presentation: Clinical Decision Making and How I Did It! Dr. Watts
2:55 PM Case Presentation: Clinical Decision Making. Not Always Easy Dr. Bagla
3:05 PM Panel Discussion: BPH Board: Treatment Options, PSA, Biopsy (3 typical cases) Panel Moderator: Dr. Bilhim

Panel: Drs. Aboumohamed, Bagla, Bhatia, McWilliams, Salem and Watts

3:30 PM Refreshment Break and Visit Exhibits


Moderators: Drs. Carnevale and McWilliams
Lecture Title Speaker Name
4:00 PM What to Expect From Post PAE MR Dr. Carnevale
4:10 PM Making CTA Work Dr. Bilhim
4:20 PM Making Cone-Beam Work Dr. Meyer
4:30 PM Debate: DSA is Enough for PAE Dr. Carnevale
4:40 PM Debate: Cone Beam is a Must Dr. Isaacson
4:50 PM Contrast-Enhanced US as a Surrogate/Predictor of Clinical Success Dr. Malagari
5:00 PM 10 Tips to Decrease the Radiation to the Patient Dr. Andrade
5:10 PM Panel Discussion: CT Angio vs. MRI Before PAE, Cone Beam and Radioprotection (3 Typical Cases) Panel Moderator: Dr. Carnevale

Panel: Drs. Andrade, Bhatia, Bilhim, Isaacson, Malagari, Meyer and Watts


Evening Session: GEST Stress Test: How Robust is Your Research Proposal?

5:30 PM Networking Reception
Moderator: Dr. Spies; Panelists: Drs. Cressman and Salem
Join GEST in the advancement of IR research by presenting your research proposal to a panel of research experts.


Whether your idea is basic science, translational research or a clinical trial, get free feedback from senior IRs. Is your project feasible? Are you measuring the right outcomes? What are the pitfalls in your approach? See if you are strong enough to survive the GEST panel of constructive but critical reviewers.


You don’t need a completed proposal or protocol to participate. We will ask you to present a brief research plan, with primary aim(s), background to inform us why the study is important, study structure or approach, patient population if your idea is in clinical research, approximate timeline, and outcome measures. You can also bring questions you may have regarding the plan- whether that be related to study design, best outcome measure to use, or other study parameters. Each presenter will have 10 minutes to present and there will be 5 to 10 minutes discussion with the panel.


Does your plan have what it takes to survive? Come find out at GEST! Email the proposed topic along with a short paragraph describing your plan to by March 15, 2019. You will be notified if you will have the chance to present to our panel.



SATURDAY, MAY 11, 2019


Moderators: Drs. Demeritt and Garcia-Monaco
Lecture Title Speaker Name
8:00 AM PAE Anatomy Guide: All You Need to Know in 10 Minutes Dr. Motta-Leal-Filho
8:10 AM Dual Feeders to the Prostate: Prevalence, Detection and Management Dr. Demeritt
8:20 AM Challenging Anatomy: How to Address Complex Type 1 (PA from the Superior Vesical) Dr. Rampoldi
8:30 AM Challenging Anatomy: Accessory Pudendal Arteries, No Visible PA, Anastomoses and “2 Sides Through 1” Dr. Carnevale
8:40 AM Repeat PAE: Findings and How to Manage? Dr. Sapoval
8:50 AM Radial versus Femoral Dr. Ayyagari
9:00 AM Managing Anastomosis With Balloon Occlusion, Coils or Plugs Dr. Isaacson
9:10 AM Managing Anastomosis With Verapamil Dr. Yu
9:20 AM Particle Type and Size Selection Dr. Golzarian
9:30 AM Predictors of Technical Outcome Dr. Sabharwal
9:40 AM Panel Discussion: Aortogram, Antibiotic, Vasodilators, Perfected, Choice of Embolics, Microcatheters Moderator: Dr. J.S. Park

Panel: Drs. Ayyagari, Bilhim, Carnevale, Golzarian, Isaacson, Rampoldi, Sabharwal, Sapoval and Yu

10:00 AM Refreshment Break and Visit Exhibits

PAE SYMPOSIUM IV: Clinical Forum

Moderators: Drs. Bhatia and Salem
Lecture Title Speaker Name
10:30 AM Post-Procedure Management: What to Expect and How to Manage It Dr. Demeritt
10:40 AM PAE Complications: Unexpected Adverse Events and How to Manage Them Dr. Sabharwal
10:50 AM Collaboration With Urology: 10 Top Tips Dr. Insausti Gorbea
11:00 AM Status of International Recommendations for PAE Dr. McWilliams
11:10 AM What is the Level of Evidence for PAE Dr. Garcia-Monaco
11:20 AM Debate: PAE Should Only be Performed Under Clinical Trials – PRO Dr. Spies
11:25 AM Debate: PAE Should Only be Performed Under Clinical Trials – CON Dr. Kobeiter
11:30 AM Predictive Factors for Clinical Success Dr. Bilhim
11:40 AM Panel Discussion: Postprocedure, Complications, Practice Building, Future Moderator: Dr. Salem

Panel: Drs. Bilhim, Demerrit, Garcia-Monaco, Insausti Gorbea, Kobeiter and McWilliams

12:00 PM Adjourn Session
12:00 PM Lunch, Industry Sessions and Visit Exhibits

GEST 2020 | May 14-17, 2020 | New York, NY