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GEST was conceptualized in 2005 between interventional radiologists Drs. Jafar Golzarian, Marc Sapoval, and Ziv Haskal then formed in 2007. Since then, GEST is the premier embolotherapy resource to interventional radiologists globally. GEST continuing medical education activities include a world-renowned Annual Meeting, biannual global meetings, and IR society engagements around the world.

As embolization treatment options continue to grow worldwide, our goal is to expand continuous education activities throughout the year.


GEST aspires to transform embolization clinical practice through global education, innovation and research improving patient care.

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Hands on workshop

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Active Founders

Hôpital Européen Georges Pompidou

Paris University
Paris, France

Marc Sapoval MD, PhD

University of Minnesota

Minneapolis, MN

Jafar Golzarian MD, FSIR

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