Tokyo, Japan

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November 2-3, 2020

Dear Colleagues,

Asia has long led research and practice of embolization – interventional oncology in particular. As the juncture of East and West, GEST Asia serves as a platform for international participants to connect, collaborate, and discover a variety of approaches and technologies in embolization. GEST Asia Biennial Meeting is held across Asia-Pacific since 2014. We pursue to raise awareness of interventional radiology as a treatment option for patient care and to continue improving clinical practice with further research across countries.

GEST Asia 2020 will be back to Tokyo bringing more multinational faculty and attendees. The program will consist of Educational Lectures, Case-based Discussions, Workshops, Scientific Abstracts, and Sponsored Sessions. GEST Asia intensive course is always a valuable networking opportunity across global boundaries. Join the hundreds of attendees to be part of this exceptional opportunity to present your research and expand your embolization practice with new techniques, devices, best practices, and latest clinical evidence.


GEST Asia 2020 Course Directors

Man Deuk Kim      Keigo Osuga       Toshihiro Tanaka       Gao-Jun Teng


GEST Asia Advisors
Jafar Golzarian           Marc Sapoval          Yasuaki Arai