MAY 17, 2018


MAY 18, 2018

Saturday, May 19 Sunday, May 20
All GEST 2018 U.S. attendees are welcome to
attend the PAE Symposium. Additionally, individuals not
attending GEST are welcome to attend just the PAE Symposum.


SATURDAY, MAY 19, 2018


Parallel Session VIII: PAE Clinical Forum

Moderators: Drs. Carnevale and Golzarian

1:30 PM


BPH Basics: Epidemiology and Pathophysiology

Dr. Gomez

1:40 PM


BPH Basics: Symptoms and Differentials

Dr. Bilhim

1:50 PM


BPH Basics: Current Medical Treatment


2:00 PM


BPH Basics: Around the World of Surgical Management


2:10 PM


Complications Post Surgery of BPH

Dr. Bhatia

2:20 PM


Urodynamics Tests – Principles and Guidelines

Dr. Gomez

2:30 PM


PAE: Rational

Dr. Carnevale

2:40 PM


Patient Work Up and Peri-Procedural Management for PAE – Basics

Dr. Sapoval

2:50 PM


Who is an Ideal Candidate?

Dr. Golzarian

3:00 PM


PAE in BPH – Current Evidence – 2018 Update

Dr. Salem

3:10 PM


What Rope Registry Adds to the Evidence 

Dr. Hacking

3:20 PM


How to Consult the Patient (Pre-Recorded Video)

Dr. Bhatia


3:30 PM


Refreshment Break and Visit Exhibits


Parallel Session IX: PAE Anatomy and Angioclub

Moderators: Drs. Bhatia and Sapoval

4:00 PM


Prostate Arterial Anatomy - Essentials

Dr. Bilhim

4:15 PM


PAE: Step by Step Technical Pearls

Dr. Golzarian

4:30 PM


Case-Based: Prostate Vascular Anatomy 360

Dr. Bhatia

5:00 PM


Case-Based: PAE Technical Tips

Dr. Carnevale

 5:30 PM


Parallel Session Concludes


SUNDAY, MAY 20, 2018


Parallel Session X: PAE Technical Forum

Moderators: Drs. Bilhim and Hacking

8:00 AM


Pre PAE Imaging Protocols: CTA

Dr. Bilhim

8:10 AM


Radial vs. Femoral Access for PAE

Dr. Isaacson

8:20 AM


How to Do and Interpret CBCT Pre-Embolization

Dr. Salem

8:30 AM


How to Navigate the Carnevale Classification

Dr. Carnevale

8:40 AM


How to Navigate the PARIS Classification of PA Division

Dr. Sapoval

8:50 AM


Catheters, Microcatheters and Wires for PAE

Dr. Rampoldi

9:00 AM


How to Manage Dangerous Collaterals

Dr. Sapoval

9:10 AM


PAE Practice Building

Dr. Isaacson

9:20 AM


PAE and Erectile Function

Drs. Bhatia and Sapoval

9:30 AM


What to Expect and How to Manage Symptoms After PAE

Dr. Rampoldi

9:40 AM


Embolization for Hematuria from Bladder and Prostatic Cancer

Dr. Shin

9:50 AM


PAE to Help Manage Prostate Cancer: Possible Adjunctive Role

Dr. Bathia 


10:00 AM


Refreshment Break and Visit Exhibits


Parallel Session XI: PAE: Current Results and Future Studies (Meet the Experts: Panel Discussion)

Moderators: Drs. Golzarian and Sapoval

10:30 AM


Open Discussion: Practice Building, Material Choice, Radial versus Femoral, Management After Embolization...

Panel: Drs. Bhatia, Bilhim, Carnevale, Hacking, Isaacson, Rampoldi and Salem

12:00 PM


Parallel Session Concludes